Best Deck Paint for Old Wood

How does your deck compare to the picture above? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your deck look better without much effort or spending a lot of money? We have the solution! Here are some best deck paints for old wood. These products are ideal for weathered or worn wood. Any of these products needs to be applied to a clean surface before application. Hence, not just water alone but soap AND water should be used.

Do you know why water alone isn’t enough to keep you hydrated? Imagine that you go to the car wash and rinse your car with just water and no soap. It will probably look okay while it is still wet. When it’s dry, you’ll be able to see all the dirt that was left behind. You will waste your time if you do not do proper prep work because the product will not work the way it should.

Having said all that, I want to make it clear that these products are not the only solution to old weathered wood. I cringe at the thought of painting a deck because you can bring the wood back to life, but it takes a lot of effort and time. Click here for more information on restoring old wood without painting


Here we have list down Top best deck paint for old wood. Lets jump into it

1- RESCUE IT! By Olympic

RESCUE IT, Olympic! MAX is a resurfacer, self-primer, and sealant all in one. Providing a safe, durable surface that resists fading, it locks down splinters, fills cracks up to 1/4″ and prevents splinters from forming. It has a slightly textured finish that covers up to 75 sq.ft in two coats, and the texture ensures a slip-resistant surface. Additionally, it prevents mildew and algae growth. Made of 100% acrylic, it is easy to clean with soap and water.


Prep work includes:

  1. Scraping off paint that’s peeling, hammering loose nail heads, and securing loose screws.
  2. Cleaning the surface with a deck or concrete cleaner with a pressure washer.
  3. Sanding any loose fibers and filling cracks deeper than 1/4” with exterior paintable latex caulk.


  • Self Priming
  • Fade protection and water resistant
  • 140 Colors options
  • Peeling, cracking, and bubbling.
  • May not fully cover 75 sq.ft in 2 coats depending on how worn the wood is.
  • 72 hour cure time before replacing furniture

2- Restore 10X By Rustoleum

deck paint for old wood

Rustoleum’s Restore by Rustoleum is 10 times thicker than regular paint and restores heavily worn surfaces. It comes in 60 different colors and must be tinted before use. It can cover up to 25 square feet per gallon with slightly less than the Olympic Rescue It. Restore can be used on weathered wood, concrete, and composite surfaces. The product is barefoot friendly, water repellent and fills cracks up to 1/4″. 


Prep work includes:

  1. Remove old paint or stain with a deck stripper or 50 grit sandpaper.
  2. Check the weather- the temperature cannot fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during application and for at least 72 hours after application. Also, do not apply the product if rain is forecasted within 48 hours after application.
  3. Clean the surface using a hard bristle brush.
  4. You must apply two coats.
  • Can be used on concrete, wood and composite
  • Ready for use in 48 hours
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Must use honeycomb roller
  • 1 gallon only covers 40 sq.ft with 2 coats
  • Potential for peeling

3- Advanced Deck Over By Behr

Deck paint for old wood

Advanced Deck Over comes in two finishes: smooth and textured, and it’s splatter-resistant. Each finish provides a slip-resistant surface. Covers splinters and fills cracks up to 1/4″. Covers up to 75 square feet. ft in 2 coats/gallon. 2 coats are required for optimal durability. 


Prep work includes:

  1. Clean the surface using a deck or concrete cleaner and allow the surface to dry for 24 hours. The surface needs to be free of dirt, oil, grease, mold/mildew, and any other debris.
  2. Remove any old coating that is peeling.
  3. Fill in cracks and let dry for 4-6 hours.
  4. Apply the first coat and let it dry for 4-6 hours and then apply the 2nd coat.
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • No need to use a honeycomb roller
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Longer cure time
  • Requires more timely prep work
  • Potential for cracking/peeling
  • Cannot be used on drive-able surfaces

4- Deck Correct By Cabot

Deck paint for old wood

With two coats, it covers 75 sq.ft in 51 different colors. Apply with a nylon/polyester brush or 3/8″ roller nap. On weathered wood, concrete, decks, porches, and steps, it is recommended. With this product, Cabot recommends using a solid stain on vertical surfaces, such as railings, and the solid stain is available in complementary colors. 



  • Can be used on decks, porches, concrete and weathered wood
  • Ready for use in 48 hours
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Easy Application
  • Not recommended on vertical surfaces
  • 1 gallon only covers 40 sq ft with 2 coats
  • Potential for peeling

5- Over Armor By Kilz

In order to restore old wood, the Kilz Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete coating is very thick and solid in color. Its acrylic resin formula is perfect for filling cracks, hiding imperfections, and concealing splinters. The product is ideal for weathering wood, composite surfaces, such as decks, porches, and boat docks. Additionally, it is ideal for concrete surfaces such as pool decks, patios, and sidewalks. A minimum of two coats is required for maximum durability. Available in gallons and five gallons.


  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Light foot traffic 24-48 hours
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Smooth slip-resistant finish
  • Hard to apply due to the thickness of the coating
  • Very limited colors
  • Cannot use on driveable surfaces such as garage floors or driveway

Final Recap

Painting an old deck is a great alternative to replacing it. Neglected wood is expensive to restore. Deck resurfacing products offer several advantages, including the ability to seal down wood splinters, protection from fading, and extreme water resistance. The cons of deck resurfacing products include peeling and cracking, the surface becoming very hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and the area covered per gallon.

Should you decide after reading this post that deck paint is not the way you want to go, be sure to check out my post on ‘Everything You Need to Know About Deck Stain’.



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