The 5 best desks: Find the perfect desk for your home office

Many people are working from home right now, which can either be incredible or incredibly difficult–especially if other family members are working or learning from home, too. You may be wishing for a space to call your own and a fitting desk to create the perfect workspace.

Whether you want an executive standing desk for business or a gaming desk for your favorite hobby, there is a perfect desk for everyone. Pairing your desk with a suitable desk chair, such as an office chair, is essential for enjoying your home office setup. Desks come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and price points to suit anyone’s needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best desk for you in 2022.

Topsky Computer Desk

Best desk overall

Man in suit sitting at a wooden desk typing on a laptop


Features: 3 shelves | 200 lbs weight capacity | 3 levels

We chose this desk for style, durability, price, and customer ratings. This desk received 4.5 stars on Amazon, with reviews talking about easy assembly, ample desktop space, and quality for the price. This desk has adjustable feet, a handy shelf to store things, and a cable grommet to hide your chords.


  • Keyboard tray that slides out
  • Three versatile levels
  • Stylish wood design


  • Assembly can be challenging


Coaves Industrial Folding Desk

Best folding desk

Desk with a laptop and plants on it


Features: 5 color options | Holds up to 200 lbs | Sturdy steel frame

This desk received 4.7 stars on Amazon for being easy to put together and overall sturdiness. To set up, pop the plyboard top into the metal base, and you are good to go. It can fold up to be put away or moved and is a reasonable price.


  • Simple 1-step installation and take-down
  • Space-saving desk that can be folded up


  • More suited for a writing desk with a laptop rather than an entire desktop, monitor, and keyboard setup

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Best standing desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk


Features: Operates at 45 decibels | Holds up to 200 lbs | 25″-50.5.”

The Vari Electric is another great standing desk that many reviewers stand by. It’s supposedly ideal for individuals up to 6 feet 6 inches tall — with the adjustable frame going from 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches tall. There are fewer options in terms of the size of the desk, as the only choice is between a 48-inch or 60-inch long desktop that is 30 inches wide. It can handle weights of up to 250 lbs and has a motor that operates at under 45 decibels.


  • Extremely stable design
  • Programmable controls
  • Custom colors and designs


  • Missing keyboard tray
  • Pricier model

Walker Edison Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Computer Desk

Best modern desk

Black L-shaped desk with desktop monitor and speaker on it next to a window

Walker Edison

Features: 5 color options | Keyboard tray | 3 pieces

This desk is perfect for anyone who uses multiple screens or other extensive office tools. It is very sturdy, and the tempered glass gives the desk a modern look. Reviews also notes that the glass is fingerprint-proof, a keyboard tray is included,  and the unit is not too challenging to put together with help.


  • Modern glass desktop
  • L shaped style provides lots of space


  • Keyboard tray portion makes leg room limited

Ketcham Height Adjustable L-Shape Desk

Best adjustable desk

Modern-looking wooden L-shaped desk in a home office


Features: 10 color options | Adjustable lift top | Finished back

This desk, found on Wayfair, has 4.6 out of 5 stars. It has a professional look and feel thanks to its L-shaped design while providing plenty of desktop space, one regular drawer, and a file drawer. Best of all, you can adjust a portion of the desk to a standing desk position (37-43 inches) through a  built-in mechanical Lift-n-Lock system.


  • Turn your main working area into a standing desk when needed
  • Spacious L-shape design


  • Has a lower weight capacity than other options
  • Expensive

What is the best desk?

The best desk is the Topsky Computer Desk, based on its design, durability, storage and price.

Desk Price Dimensions Weight Capacity
Topsky Computer Desk $130 46.5″(L)x19″(W)x34.2″(H) 200 lbs
Coaves Industrial Folding Desk $77 39″(D) x 19″(W) x 28″(H) 200 lbs
Vari Electric Standing Desk $695 30″(D) x 48″(W) x 25″(H) 200 lbs
Walker Edison Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Computer Desk $125 19.62″(D) x 51.12″(W) x 25.38″(H) Up to 50 lbs
Ketcham Height Adjustable L-Shape Desk $890  71.75”(D) x 71.02″(W) Up to 20 lbs


Which desk is right for you?

Everyone works differently, so everyone will need a different type of desk. Figure out what’s most important to you, such as features like a separate keyboard tray, an adjustable height, desktop space, if it has drawers, etc. Any of the desks on this list are great options — it just depends on what you are looking for.

Choose this desk… If you want…
Topsky Computer Desk The best overall option
Coaves Industrial Folding Desk A desk that can fold to make space
Vari Electric Standing Desk A standing desk option
Walker Edison Modern L-Shaped Tempered Glass Computer Desk A modern, L-shaped desk
Ketcham Height Adjustable L-Shape Desk A quality desk that can adjust to a standing desk if needed


How did we choose these desks?

The perfect desk is easily the most crucial piece of your office furniture. Without a decent modern desk and comfortable chair, your office space will be the last place you want to spend time.

The most suitable desk will help your workflow and productivity, and it will be comfortable to work at for long periods. Your desk should match your style and complement your other home office furniture. Most importantly, it should be optimal for the type of work you will be doing.


Why style of desk do I need?

There are tons of different kinds of desks out there: standing, L-shaped, executive, writing… I could go on. The best way to narrow down your choices is to figure out exactly how you’ll be using your desk and what your personal work style is:


Desk use

  • Computer work: Be sure to choose a desk suited for computer work with wiring holes, electrical outlets, and, if need be, room for a CPU underneath.
  • Paper-work generating: You will want a desk with lots of surface space and then space to store your work like drawers, or overhead shelves, or cabinets.
  • For a tight space: Computer armoires are becoming popular because you can close the doors and hide away unsightly hardware. L-shaped desks, fold-out desks, compact computer desks, corner desks, or computer carts all fit into small spaces.
  • Office area: Which room will your desk be in? Ideally, you will want a room to be your dedicated office. However, any living room can act as a home office as long as it is orderly and there are no distractions during work hours.

Work style

  • Neatfreak: If you keep your workspace highly organized and clutter-free, then you can get away with a smaller desk if you need to.
  • Organized chaos: If you work in a space where you know what everything is, but anyone else would be lost, you may want a desk with a bigger surface area.

Why are desks so expensive?

The short answer is: you can thank the shift a lot of companies have made to hybrid or work-from-home situations rather than in a traditional office setting. More people are shopping for desks to use in their homes, which has driven up prices.

The long answer is: desks are made for a variety of uses, and they are made from a wide range of materials. A desk that is made out of real wood is going to cost a lot more than a flat-pack, particle board model you can get at a big-box store. Similarly, desks designed for ergonomics have a lot of science and engineering behind them, so companies price them higher to offset the cost of development.

The best way to determine your new desk budget is to determine whether you want something built for durability and ergonomics or something more simple for short-term work.


Quality and durability

  • Drawer construction: You can usually tell the quality of a desk by looking at its drawer construction. Do the drawers easily open and close while holding weight? Do the drawers open fully to utilize all the drawer space? Do they have a sturdy suspension? Metal suspension rollers are the most durable.
  • Corners and edges: When you examine the desk, are there any fraying or damaged pieces?
  • The warranty: The warranty on your desk can tell you more about its quality, durability, and life expectancy. Warranties range anywhere from one year to a lifetime warranty.


Desk surface

  • Laminate: This is the most popular choice because it is affordable and relatively durable. Laminate is made by covering the wood in a plastic finish in multiple colors and wood grain patterns.
  • Metal or steel:  This is the most durable option. Black metal in particular is reasonably priced, and you can easily determine the quality by checking to see how heavy the desk is. If you need your desk for heavy or long-term use, a desk with a metal frame may be the best option for you.
  • Wood or veneer: If your go-to style is elegance and you are not worried about being careful with wear and tear, this is an attractive choice. This type of desk looks more beautiful and is usually more expensive, but it is easily nicked and not suited for heavy use.


Are standing desks good for you?

Whether you buy a standing or sitting desk is going to depend a lot on your personal preference as well as the type of work you’ll be doing. Traditional sitting desks are more affordable and can offer much more working surface area but can be hard on the body if you work long hours.

Standing desks can cost more, depending on if they have an electric motor or piston system rather than simply being built taller, and they have the added benefit of helping to keep your body moving and blood flowing rather than sitting in a static position all day.

If you’re torn between a sitting and standing desk, take this into consideration:

Ergonomics and space

  • Legroom: Most desks are 29 or 30 inches, which is enough for most people. But if you are taller, consider an adjustable desk. Many standing desks are adjustable.
  • Spacing: Be sure to measure your workspace to ensure plenty of space for you sitting behind the desk and other furniture. Consider installing a basic cable management system to give yourself as much desk and leg space as possible, especially if you use many different chargers.
  • Keyboard space: If you are using a keyboard, it may be more comfortable to position it below the desk or get a desk with adjustable legs. Also, be aware of how big the keyboard platform is if it needs to hold a mouse.
  • Nearby materials: Be sure your desktop is large enough to keep everything you need within reach for your convenience.
  • Desk storage: How much storage will you need? Consider whether you will need extra shelving, bookshelves, file cabinets, or any other storage to put away office supplies and help you stay organized.

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