12 Best LGA 1155 CPU For Gaming

For Professional gamers, gaming devices and components play a vital role in their gaming life. But finding the Best LGA 1155 CPU to upgrade your gaming PC or laptops can be a hectic task for gamers.

Mainly most of them are very costly and some of the gamers don’t exactly know what to look for to gain maximum speed so their game would not lack and they would be able to play it without disturbance.

Revealing It Now!

When it comes to speed or performance of your gaming laptop or pc, the CPU is the best component to upgrade for the best gaming experience, as your gaming machine overall performance depends upon this CPU


Other than gaming if you want your machine to give you max amazing speed, you need to get the best processor replaced as soon as possible.

Although there are many CPU’s available in the gaming market, LGA 1155 CPUs are the best choice.Even though I have mentioned the best processor but still it can be tricky hard to find the best gaming LGA 1155 CPUs.

Don’t Worry!

I have to dig deep and reviewed the best LGA 1155 CPUs to save your time and effort. Let’s jump into without wasting more time


1- Intel Core i7-3770K LGA 1155 CPU For Gaming – Reactive and Reliable Pick to Try Out Now



One of the best pick CPU for your gaming needs and other high consuming power applications and data. Best Video HD technology is installed to get crisp results and natural realistic skin colors. It has turbo unblocked speed with up to 5.0 GHz and a base speed of 3.6 GHz.


This is box title

  • Speed: 3.50GHz
  • Cores: 4 cores / 8 threads
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • TDP: 77W


This processor is built on the most upgraded technology with the best excellent performance art processor which boosts hyperactive threading technology and smart cache.

Along with this Its unmatched 3D transistor technology comes up with great performance with 9900k processor


If you are in search of a perfect performance processor, this one is for you.

This is not all, I have compiled some more features which is mentioned below.



– Smart Cache

This technology helps the system with advanced allocation and sharing of data that provide secure, fast data processing, storage, and manipulation.

Moreover, the dynamic and smart performance is ensured with its large smart cache features.


– Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boasting Technology

With this feature, machine multitasking performance and graphics quality increase. Its performance shift to the next level with its performance multiplier.

This is basically four core processor which meld with turbo boost technology and hyper-threading technology.

This feature helps in the extraordinary performance of your machine.


– Graphics Evolvement

Its built-in HD technology and sync video 2.0 delivers top quality media results with enhanced and clear graphics.

From gaming to running any media HD 1080 and high space-consuming software, this works perfectly and smoothly.

Moreover, it also supports Open CL 1.1 and Direct X. It provides user or gamer the best attractively gameplay and displays with diversified computing performance.


– Advanced Vector Extension

This feature helps the CPU for malfunctioning without any issue and have the capability to run multiple commands at the same time.

With the Wider vector, it enhances the performance of the processor for good management of data. This newly technology 256-bit instruction SSE extension helps your processor to perform faster at its maximum speed.

Along with this, when using 3D modeling software, financial analytics software, it also boosts up their capability with this extension.


  • Overclocking

  • Power consumption

  • GPU performance greatly improved compared to the last generation

  • Support for DirectX 11

  • Driver maturity improved

  • 22 nm production process

  • Turbo Boost to dynamically adjust graphics clocks

  • Completely noiseless

  • HDMI Audio bitstreaming supported

  • Intel HD4000 iGPU significantly faster than HD3000, can be used in Z68series motherboards

  • Limited GPU performance

  • No dedicated GPU memory

  • Still only 16 PCI-E lanes

  • Early production stepping doesn’t overclock as well as the current Sandy Bridge

  • Not a huge step up from Sandy Bridge, Average overclocking potential on air

  • Offers only minor performance improvements on highest-end last-generation CPU, Graphics still not comparable to what you get with a discrete video card


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2- Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU – Enhance Visuals of Your PC with This One


Another best and upgraded CPU with high overall performance and crisp graphics. No matter if you are on a tight budget, you can still get this top-notch CPU with good 2D performance improvement.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Cache: 8MB
  • TDP: 77 watts


It also has an advanced 22nm process which saves energy with much higher pc performance as well.

This third-generation renewed processor is built with 4000 HD graphic chip with more horsepower.


It also has the ability to support DDR3 and it also features turbo 2.0 technology among with other rich sets of features.


Product Features

– Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

Intel Turbo Boost feature helps the processor to work faster and smarter with loads and multiples of software, applications, and games running at a time. It also offer high-performance automatic speed to the processor.


– Intel Smart Cache

This technology adds more value to the CPU with its latest smart cache features. The good thing about it is the division of workload on four cores and prevent lagging or any disturbance. This division improves the efficiency of the processor and enables your machine to give maximum output results at a much faster rate.


– Intel Revolutionary 22nm Technology

Intel Revolution Technology Boost processor for beyond performance (Above than average). It is also capable of working under low voltage and delivers up to 37 percent. It features multiple channels that are bounded through enhanced drive & vertical fin. Also, its IVY bridge processor & 3rd generation double its efficiency.


– Hyperactive Threading Technology

In this era of advancement, you need high demand power CPU which runs parallel with the workload it has. New games and software demand high power, so you longer have to face any trouble afterward.


  • Heatsink and fan included.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Hyper-threading support.

  • Powerful and Energy efficient

  • Comes with Intel’s smart cache

  • Ideal for demanding applications

  • It has high-end inbuilt graphics

  • Graphics features could be improved.

  • While it has only four cores, it performs diligently to complete most tasks


3- Intel Core i5-2500 Quad-Core LGA 1155 CPU 


If you are among them who are looking to upgrade their PC or laptop with an economical budget and best same quality as other processors, this one is built for you.

This processor comes up with the latest HD graphics and variant features. You can play new, latest high power-consuming games, without using expensive video LAN cards.


  • CPU speed: 3.3 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Cache: 6 MB
  • TDP: 95


This quad-core processor has a maximum speed of 3.3 GHZ with advanced features. It is specially built for office tasks, pro graphic designers, and for pro & noob gamers also.

Although it is 2nd generation intel core processor but has full capability to compete with other models due to its performance & speed


It is not possible to get the same features and benefits in any other model with the same price range. It fits your need perfectly.



– Speed

Either you are interested to increase your productivity or want to gain maximum speed, Intel Core i5-2500 is perfect for you. It boosts overall efficiency & speed by reducing the latency.

Moreover, it also accelerates video graphics editing and other intensive running apps by superior vector extensions. It has four core processors with a speed of 3.30 GHZ and 6mb RAM which is installed in such a way that it divides the workload between each processor. In short, this Intel Core i5-2500 will not disappoint you.


– Turbo Boosting

This processor is fully backed up with Turbo Boost Technology. This technology is embedded in attaining the maximum frequency of the CPU by taking the benefit of thermal headroom and power. This feature makes sure to boost up the speed automatically when the PC is demanding for it. It results in higher performance and it is not only intelligent but as well as it saves energy also.


– Decent Built-In Visuals

This processor is equal to a graphic card or video card. After installing this processor, you don’t need to install any video or graphic card. It brings up high visuals graphics and improved color display with much-enhanced graphics

Its excellent 3D performance display and HD graphics give intense and unbelievable gaming experience.

Wait, there is something more!

It also combines with other advanced features such as Tru-3D which ensures 1080 HD resolution. You can experience sharp and rich images with this feature.


– Intel Virtualization Technology

It helps in creating multiple virtual environments through which one can handle multiple tasks at the same time without string them in separate partitions.


  • Good media-processing capabilities

  • Unlocked multiplier for simplified overclocking

  • Great performance

  • Blazing fast cache speeds

  • Intel Quick sync

  • InTru 3D

  • Support for DirectX 10.1

  • HDMI Audio bitstreaming supported

  • Does not support Hyper-Threading

  • Onboard video lacks DirectX 11 support

  • Requires new motherboard

  • Limited GPU performance

  • Drivers not as mature as the ones from ATI or NVIDIA No support for CUDA, PhysX, OpenCL

  • No Hyperthreading



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4- Intel Core i5-2400 Quad-Core Processor 


If you are in search of a processor that is less power consumption but a higher performance rate, intel core i5 is your eventual choice. Helping you to consume less electrical power.

Its 3.1 GHz clock frequency and 4 threads make it extremely quick & fast in the gaming region. It also has a single – thread performance which has the capability to outrank other units.


However, this is not the latest as compared to other units, but it outperforms other latest brands available today. It offers high-end graphics & competitive gameplay to its users with its powerful efficiency & performance.


  • TDP: 95 watts
  • Clock frequency: 3.1GHz
  • Cache: 6MB
  • Weight: 0.32ounces
  • Dimension: 4.5 by 4 by 3.2-inches


  • Heat ups less even after a long period of usage

  • It has great integrated graphics

  • Inexpensive and very reliable

  • It uses little power

  • It has no hyper-trending skill but still cheap


5- Intel Core i7 i7-3770 LGA-1155 CPU – Budget-Friendly Pick to Try Out Now


This model is built on eight threads and boasts of a massive quadcore. This is not it, it provides compatibility for hardcore game lovers, graphic designers, video makers, video editors, and a person who loves multitasking with its advanced technology & features. It is one of the top leaders in CPU models.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • Cores: 4
  • TDP: 77W


This quad-core processor has an impressive speed of 3.4 GHz and a 3.9 GHZ overlock.

This is a demanding processor due to its extra capability of handling multiple tasks and demanding applications.


This is a heavenly upgrade for the people related to graphic designing and film making niches.



– Smart Cache

smart cache technology divides the workload to each core processor dynamically. With the help of this, the probability of accessing data increases. It is unlike the older version and accelerates performance with a reduction of latency.


– Integrated Memory Controller

This technology needs to be appreciated as it features integrated memory that is suitable with 2 channels DDR3memory or 1600 MHZ.

Due to this, it offers much higher productivity of work with up to 25.6 GB bandwidth and lower latency.


– Turbo Boost Technology

With this feature, it enables and makes sure to accelerate the process & workload automatically, when working on high demanding applications. This is more efficient, antecedent, and intelligent. The best thing about this technology is it can run multiple commands without consuming more energy and taking too much power.


– 22nm Technology

This technology or feature is modern and advanced with higher increasing power. It helps the computer processor to optimize its speed and plays a major role in consuming less energy and electricity. This technology helps to increase computer performance for up to 37% to 50% and uses less power consumption.


  • Excellent game performance

  • Smart cache technology

  • Budget-friendly

  • Comes with Memory Controller for enhanced performance

  • Fewer cores but excellent overall performance



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6- Intel Core i7-2600 LGA 1155 CPU – Do Productive Work Faster


You can say this machine is specially built for high power and speed gaming. Not every CPU has the capability to take a load of HD graphics gaming but you can rely on it without any hesitation.

It is having an excellent speed of 3.4 GHZ and will make your game run much faster without lagging.


  • Cores: 4
  • Frequency: 3.4 GHz
  • Cache: 6 MB
  • Wattage: 95W


If you are a pro gamer and you worry about game lagging, this processor is for you. It is having affordable prices and a much higher processing rate and performance.

If you are using any other processor, my advice is to get your processor updated with the Intel Core I7-2600 processor right now.

Moreover, along with gaming, it has the ability to handle multi coming & multi-streaming tasks, such as video streaming, running high power applications and software, and much more.

The great thing about this processor is, it can work for long multiple hours without getting overheated and without slowing down its speed. It has a processing speed of 3.4 GHz and is extremely easy to install it


  • Very Fast

  • Overclockable

  • Turbo 2.0 Technology

  • Built in HD 3000 Graphics

  • Quad Core Performance with HyperThreading

  • Turbo Boost Technology

  • Optimized for Windows 7

  • 8MB (Shared) L3 Cache

  • Unlocked

  • 32nm Processor

  • Choice of OnDie or Discrete Graphics

  • Requires new motherboard

  • Intel’s 3rd socket change in as many years

  • Base Clock is locked

  • Onboard video lacks DirectX 11 support

  • Must have a K series processor to have full overclocking potential


7- Intel Core i7-2600 LGA Processor for Gaming – Avoid Heat Snag under Intense Load


Are you really curious to get your machine performance upgraded? If yes then Intel core i7 is built for you. It delivers demanding performance and classic gaming experience.

Its inbuilt capabilities and advanced technology give more power to your machine and bring more intelligence in your processor.

It has eight ways of multitasking ability which encompass smart cache technology to bring unmatched performance.


  • CPU Speed: 3.40 GHz
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • Processor count: 4
  • TDP: 95 watt


This model encompasses 1155 sockets to bring you top-notch speed. It also engages with Turbo Boost 2.0 technology to bring multiple sets of features like H67 express chipset, built-in visuals and high-performance HD graphics

Below are some of the features of this model which makes it unique from others.



– Advanced Architecture

This unit has Hi-K+ advanced metal gate which makes its processing advanced and gains maximum performance with minimal power consumption. This unit is a 32-nm micro-architecture which is congruent with 2nd generation processor


– Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

This technology expedites your pc performance. This technology helps in boosting the cores and processors and exceed your work attainment and also boost your graphic quality. This unit is more dynamic and efficient when compared with the previous generation.


– Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

It ensures enhanced power processing and thread-level parallelism on each of its cores. HT technology is ambiguous but decisive in 2nd generation processor.


– Built-in Visuals (With H Chipset)

This ensures you get a more engaging and wonderful gaming experience. It also brings unparalleled performance when it comes to visuals and graphics.

Moreover, this LGA 1155 CPU features advanced vector extensions & quick sync video. This model also supports 1080 resolution over HDMI inputs with intru-3D. This is among the top-rated and best pick model


  • Incredible speeds while still consuming less energy Very Fast

  • It comes with the Turbo 2.0 Technology.

  • Inbuilt HD 3000 Graphics

  • Hyperactive Threading with quad-core performance

  • Its onboard video lacks DirectX 11 support



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8- Intel Core i5-3470 Quad-Core Processor 3.2 GHz 4 Core LGA 1155 


Ask yourself, do you really need a new laptop or pc when you can simply upgrade your old companion at a much economical price. This 3rd generation processor improves results and visuals of your machine.

With this little up gradation, you can expand the capabilities and performance of your machine. Whether it is video editing or HD graphics gameplay, this suits and fits your need.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Cache: 6 MB
  • TDP: 77 W


However, this processor was introduced back in 2012 with a speed of 3.4 GHz, it’s not the newest in the market but it works like a charm.


It works on Bridge technology and comes with four core processors with the best efficiency rate.

Interested to read more about this model?



– 22nm Technology

Unlike other models, this model uses intel 32nm tri-gate technology, while other processors use 32nm technology. This technology enables the heightened performance of the computer.


– Ivy Bridge Architecture

As mentioned earlier, this processor is built on Ivy bridge technology. It has four core processors of 3.4 GHZbut increases its clock rate to 3.6 GHz. One of the great things is its unclocked multiplier that allows easy overlocking.


– Handling Multitasking

This unit accelerates your efficiency and allows multitasking with its IVY Bridge model. Ivy Bridge is basically an advanced (improved) version of the sandy bridge which enhances your GPU and CPU performance.

This CPU provides much better performance as compared to the sandy bridge processor.


Although it has fewer cores than high AMD processors. Therefore people prefer to go for LGA 1155 CPU processor to boost up their work performance & productivity.


  • Excellent CPU performance for the price

  • Compatible with many previous-generation motherboards

  • Reduced power usage

  • Good performance for the price

  • Backward compatible with Sandy Bridge motherboards

  • Poor 3D performance

  • CPU processing has seen only a minor speed boost from previous-generation Core i5 chips

  • Multiplier not fully unlocked

  • Few major performance increases over previous-generation counterparts


 9- Intel Core i7-4790K Review


This core processor is also termed as ” Devil Canyon”. It is also an advanced processor although it is not updated from the last few years it has enough ability to take your workload.

Let’s dive into its features to know more about it.



– Faster Clock Rate

Core i7-4790K has the ability to run at 4.4 GHz turbo mode and with a 4GHZ bae clock. When it is compared to 4770K 3.5GHZ base 3.9 GHz, it shows a 15 percent increase in Turbo clock speed which means the benchmark result will pick up 10-15 percent extra performance on this new core processor.


– Better Temperature

The old Haswell chips turned hot when applied load while this new core processor fixes this issue by installing thermal interface material b/w heat spreader & CPU die, while the old boards put major heat generator directly on to CPU die. Intel decided to use thermal paste other than soldering the CPU


– Additional CPU Features

Additional CPU features provide support for intel’s Transactional Synchronization

Extension (TSX) & I/O virtualization. These specialized features allow programmers to design multithreading applications to escalate much more effectively.


– Performance

According to the result, we compared it with previous models & got a 15 percent clock speed boost & 8-12 percent performance in the real-world and a 25-35 percent performance jump over Ivy Bridge-based over the previous model.


  • Faster than the Core i7-4770K.

  • Significantly lower operating temperature.

  • Adds features that its predecessor lacked.

  • Faster at stock speeds than the 4770K

  • Class-leading performance

  • No price premium over Core i7-4770K

  • First all-core 4GHz processor from Intel

  • Should work on most LGA1150 motherboards

  • Cooler running

  • Virtualization tech


  • Despite Intel’s promises, overclocking headroom is very limited.

  • Haswell overclocking variability

  • No improvements to graphics

  • Potential for relatively quick voltage-induced degradation

  • The update isn’t quite significant enough to upgrade from the initial Haswell CPUs

  • IGP performance in non-synthetic benchmarks continues to be a concern



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10- Intel Core i5-9400 F Desktop Processor


This i5-9400 processor came in January 2019 to the market with limited chips. The company came up with ” Coffee Lake Refreshed Models”.

As intel was unable to satisfy the demand for its chips, AMD landed its Ryzen 3000 series processors. The Ryzen streamed up the 7nm process which boosts up the power and also has economical pricing.

Due to its upgradation, these chips are now in the ” Best CPU List” and among one of the leading processors.


  • Gaming: yes
  • Socket LGA1151 v2
  • Process technology: 65, 14 nm
  • Core: Coffee Lake
  • Number of cores: 6
  • Number of threads: 6
  • Clock frequency: 2900 MHz
  • The maximum frequency with Turbo Boost: 4100 MHz
  • Integrated graphics core: no
  • Complete set: BOX
  • System bus: DMI, QPI
  • Multiplication factor: 29
  • Built-in memory controller: yes, 41.6 GB / s band
  • Maximum Memory: 128 GB
  • Memory Type: DDR4-2666
  • Maximum number of memory channels: 2
  • Cache size of L1, L2, L3: 64 KB, 1536 KB, 9216 KB
  • Instructions: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, AVX, AVX2
  • Supports AMD64 / EM64T, NX Bit, Virtualization Technology
  • Typical heat dissipation: 65 W
  • Maximum working temperature: 100 ° C
  • Max. number of PCI Express channels: 16
  • Compatibility: this processor is compatible only with 3xx series chipsets


To boost the supply of this processor, the chip-maker decided to start selling CPU, otherwise it would have deemed defective due to non-functional CPU


  • Leading game performance

  • Discounted price compared to vanilla Core i5-9400

  • Flimsy bundled cooler is better than nothing

  • Disabled graphics

  • Locked ratio multiplier

  • Big price-to-performance disadvantage compared to AMD in threaded workloads



How To Pick Up The Best LGA 1155 CPU Processor For Gaming?

To pick your desired your LGA 1155 processor, these aspects will ease this hunting process for you. Let’s jump into it without wasting time..:)


– Thread & Cores

Thread & Cores are the most important for your PC when it comes to workload and multitasking. The best and modern CPU’s available in the market come up with 6 threads and 4 cores to handle multiple tasks at the same time without lagging.

– Thermal Design Power

This is one of the key features Thermal Design Power, which you should not neglect. Thermal Design Power extends the capability of your CPU performance and makes it run faster under high pressure and load. Therefore, it is preferred to check and go with CPU having TDP options available.

 – Smart Cache

The cache is basically provisional storage of your CPU or in other words, it is known as the memory of the CPU. In terms of load and loss of data, it allows the machine to run faster and recover the files from the CPU cache quickly. The bigger would be the cache the more files would be stored.

 – Socket

Make sure that the motherboard’s socket is adjustable with your processor. Therefore, when you decide to buy a processor, ensure your socket compatibility first and then go for it. The more socket pins mean better efficiency and fewer pins mean less efficiency. This is one of the key things that can’t be overlooked when buying a processor.

 – Frequency Speed

Frequency is a key factor in the performance of your system. The more will be the frequency in Hertz, the quicker will be the performance of your machine.


However, some systems work perfectly with lower frequency speed due to built-in capabilities of the CPU.



– How To Install LGA 1155 CPU?


– How Do I Know If My CPU Needs Replacement?

if you encounter a slow performance of your computer or experience overheating due to workload and multitasking, this is an indication that you must replace it now. You will also face lagging & burn marks on your CPU.


– Why My PC Needs CPU?

CPU plays an important and optimistic role in the running of your machine. It is one of the basic parts of the system, without it, no system can operate.


– How Many Cores Should Processor Have?

This totally depends upon the specific computer requirements. Six core- processors will not increase your performance, it should be compatible with Microsoft Office Application. Therefore you need to select the CPU accordingly.


Final Words

It’s definitely a hectic task to find out the most suitable Best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming that fits all your needs. In recent times, gaming CPU’s have become more popular, due to this intel and other companies coming with decent and budget-friendly CPU. This is not simple, you need to thoroughly to each CPU and also its specifications to make the right decision.

Being a PRO Graphic designer & Gamer, I have covered BEST available options in the market for you. Take your time and choose your CPU accordingly. Hope it helps..:) 

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