Best Turf Soccer Shoes

With artificial turf fields growing in popularity, you may need to invest in a new pair of cleats. So what are the four best artificial turf soccer cleats?

Turf soccer shoes (also known as artificial grass cleats) are one of the newest classes of soccer shoes.  This is in response to the large increase in eco friendly turf being installed in schools and fields across the globe.

This newer turf is harder on shoes requiring different sole materials and less prominent studs for proper grip. If fact, if you use firm ground or soft ground shoes they can grip too much on turf resulting in injury.  So if you play on turf or artificial grass – you definitely want to own a pair of turf soccer shoes!

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Artificial turf shoes are one the fastest growing segments of the soccer cleat market so there are now dozens of choices. So how to choose and find the best turf shoes?  Well you don’t have to since we compiled TONS of data all the artificial turf cleats for sale and four artificial turf shoes stand above the rest.

With artificial turf booming in popularity – everyone should have turf soccer cleats in their arsenal.

The Best Artificial Turf Soccer Shoes

Adidas Mundial Team 

An Adidas classic and my personal favorite cleat – the Mundial team are awesome soccer cleats and the workhorse of my collection. The Adidas Mundial Team is a versatile artificial turf shoe.  The small rubber studs are a perfect choice for artificial turf but can also perform well on dry hard ground and artificial grass surfaces.

With a soft, kangaroo leather upper and weighing in at 12.7 oz, the Mundial Team offers a lot of protection and all that k-leather is conducive for getting a soft touch on the ball.  It features a suede strip on the forefoot for extra added protection and durability.

Perfectly crafted to provide greater agility on indoor artificial turf, the Mundial Team soccer cleat provides quick turning action for the ankle while cushioning the foot bridge for superior support.

The stud pattern on the Mundial (and many other turf soccer shoes for that matter), are easier on the feet and the knees – especially if you are playing on a hard ground surface because the soft rubber studs distribute the force more gently than larger firm ground studs.  The soft touch and durable performance of one of the most comfortable soccer cleats on the market today promises to be one of the best soccer cleats you’ve ever owned.

Score 4.6

  • 1000+ reviews
  • 12.7 oz
  • Kangaroo Leather

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PUMA King Allround Soccer Shoes

Who doesn’t want to wear a shoe called “The King?” While it has the look of a classic shoe, the Allround soccer shoes keeps in step with changing footwear technologies with lots to offer.

The PUMA King Allround features an upper crafted of PUMA lite-leather with a quilted vamp for soft touch and sensitivity, while a reinforced suede strip provides extra toe support. Its low profile stud pattern featuring PUMA’s Evertrack technology with double studs is well suited for artificial turf and grass. The double studs are just under the forefoot designed to provide maximum grip only where you need it to help prevent ground locking.

The heel features PUMA’s e+cell technology which is basically additional heel support structure for extra cushioning.  Some reviewers complain of the heel being too high – but others, especially bigger players – swear by the Allrounds as one of the best choices for comfort and support.

Whether the action takes you to the hardness of natural turf, or the pliable artificial grounds, the PUMA King Allround is a great choice that incorporates a lot of technology.

Score 4.6

  • 180+ reviews
  • 11.2 oz
  • Puma lite-leather

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Nike Mercurial Victory V Turf

The Nike Mercurial Victory is a well-reviewed shoe however with the newer versions on the market, the V is getting harder to find.

The Nike Mercurial Victory V is a great synthetic choice for artificial turf.  They can be used as artificial grass soccer cleats as well but Nike actually manufactures a specific artificial grass stud pattern as you can see on their highest end Mercurial shoe: the Mercurial Superfly AG.

Crafted of soft, synthetic leather the shoe weighs in around 9oz.  Each pair of Nike Mercurial Victory Vs are manufactured with control and acceleration in mind. The Victory V’s unique stud configuration makes it a good choice for artificial turf or artificial grass. Fit with the Nike Vapor traction pattern, the Nike Mercurial Victory is designed to absorb the spring tension of the turf and redirect it toward control and play of the foot.  A contoured sock liner forms to the shape of your foot making the Nike Mercurial Victory V a comfortable, speedy shoe.

Score 4.7

  • 50+ reviews
  • 9.0 oz
  • Synthetic leather

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Nike Tiempo Legacy Turf

Weighing in at 10oz (pretty good for a leather cleat), the high quality calfskin leather of the Tiempo is very soft and flexible giving the user a quick break in period and a great feel for the ball. With a memory foam tongue these rank as some of the most comfortable soccer cleats on the market today.

The stud pattern of small rubber nubs on the Tiempo works well for artificial turf as well as artificial grass. It’s worth noting though that the grip on artificial grass will not be quite as good as some of the newer artificial grass shoes.  That said we personally prefer a low profile stud pattern on both turf and artificial grass.

Have you ever had the rubber strip around the sold of your indoor or turf cleats come off?  That won’t happen with the Legacy as the thick rubber strip around the toebox is sewn into the shoe with nylon making durability a strength of this shoe.  The Tiempo offers unique flexibility below the foot arch as well as reinforced heel construction for unparalleled protection.

Score 5.0

  • 25+ reviews
  • 10.0 oz
  • Calfskin leather

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